Vision For 2042

“When we’re trained to live in an interdependent reality, we naturally live with consideration for all life.”

Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

The future of the human race relies on intelligence. Not just in artificial intelligence and robotics, but full Life Intelligence.

In Perfectly Here’s 2042 Vision, the planet is thriving with bountiful resources. Quality of life is elevated to cleaner healthier standards than ever before. All species’ natural strengths, uniqueness, and contributions are acknowledged, respected, and engaged. Humans are skilled at accounting for their thoughts, choices, actions, and impact. They respond to their kind and others appropriately and are aligned with the realities of interdependence. Sustainability is the norm around the globe.

By 2042 Vision, parents have learned to love and honor one another, consistently. They are present, flexible, and kind. Teachers are respected and equipped to make their most fruitful impact. Children are safe and carefree. Youth feel confident, supported, and engaged to create and sustain their own bright futures.

Humanity, in our 2042 Vision, has resolved diversity issues. Like many outdated agendas, color, race, and set ideas of sexuality are concepts of the past. Gender inequalities have found their balance and neurodiverse communities flourish across the globe through knowledge, justice, equity, creativity, and development.

In our 2042 Vision, business exists to serve the needs of all inhabitants of our planet. Consumerism is transformed into a balanced ecosystem. Employees feel appreciated and proud to contribute to lasting positive legacies.

Everything depends on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Neurotechnology. They are empowered to account for ethical design and development in every step of innovation. They follow shared unified policies and a caring vision to benefit people, the planet, and future generations.

Strategic Plan

To achieve this grand 2042 Vision, we continue to unite with scholars, experts, innovators, thought leaders, other community members, as well as for-profit and nonprofit organizations around the globe to provide what they can in order to educate, transform, and secure a fulfilling, peaceful, and bountiful life accessible to all inhabitants of this planet earth. We believe MLO, Mindful Life Intelligence, is The Survival of Our Species.

We envision by 2042 fear, doubt, confusion, biases, greed, hatred, dominance, and ignorance are at the lowest possible levels. Humans do not harshly judge unskillful behaviors but rather have a greater community of those high in Life Intelligence to embrace and train others to act responsibly. In this vision, no one feels alone.

Not Just A Dream

This vision is not a dream nor a prediction, or an imagination. It is a responsibility to bring MLO to everyone and ensure our future generations do not have to endure so much pain and hardship.

Please join us in our efforts to educate people globally and make sustainability and skillful living a norm.

Resources and Allies Who Share and Contribute to A Safe and Bountiful Vision:

If you are interested to join us in this amazing endeavor and share a powerful legacy of preserving and creating a better quality of life for all, please send an email to

United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Goals

MARC – Mindful Awareness Research Center is one of the leading secular Mindfulness providers in the world.

Maersk is one of the largest shipping companies in the world. See Maersk’s Sustainability Report.

A Buddhist Monastery in Northern California, Abhayagir is dedicated to providing space for people to cultivate and incorporate the teaching of the Buddha into their lives.

MKAI is one of the leading AI organizations in the world whose mission is an inclusive community of diverse thinkers that together are shaping the future of Ethical Artificial Intelligence, Web3, and Metaverse.